A Letter To The Angels

Dear, Residents of Los Angeles,

It has come to my attention that your beloved city is burning–once again. Please be smart and “do the right thing”. Listen to what the officials say and abide by their wishes. Grab your loved ones, pets and family photo album(s). Everything else can be replaced. Women, think sensibly. You have more to worry about now. Don’t let the Santa Anna winds affect your ability to think clearly. Men, stand by your family. Don’t let this unfortunate situation turn you into looters and purse snatchers. Help your fellow neighbor(s).

Reports say that Mount Wilson is directly in the path of destruction. This means that your local TV and radio transmitters are in danger. Not to mention, cell phone towers and usage. Be prepared to hear the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) alerts and follow their instructions. I’m hoping that you finally gave in and bought that wind up, battery charged flashlight/radio this year. You know the one that seemed too corny to buy at the time, yet so needed during these times. Seek shelter wherever you may find it. Now is the time to put race, gang colors, and grudges aside and love one another.

Take care, Los Angeles. The world is watching and praying for you.

(Addendum: The author of this piece has lived in Los Angeles for nearly fifteen years and has survived some of the most disastrous earthquakes, fires and the Rodney King riots during her tenure there.)


~ by adhna on September 3, 2009.

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