Canada challenges SA refugee case

Life never ceases to amaze me. And history is always soon forgotten. As history has shown, most of the Western world used tattoos to exclude people from society. Today, most  people get tattoos to fit into society. Four hundred years ago, East, West, South and Central Africa, were thriving countries of African tribes. Three hundred years ago these countries and their inhabitants witnessed, first hand, the wrath of the European invasion. Especially, South Africa and it’s bordering countries (Namibia and Botswana and Zimbabwe). Under the rule of Kings and Queens of Great Britian, the Motherland was literally divided up by grid and conquered by the British, Dutch, Germans, and French.While Europeans countries pilfered and plunged their way through  Southern African countries;  robbing Mother Earth of all her precious minerals, any and all African tribes that got in their way were, too, robbed of their existence.

In the last century, South Africa (population, roughly consisting of 80 percent  black Africans and less than 10 percent white Africans (Afrikaaners)) was not only a war-torn country but was now ruled under the architect of Apartheid. With the new law, black South Africans continued to suffer from their oppressors.  This lasted for almost 50 years. Until 1994, the breakdown of citizenship was as follows: Afrikaaners and English were considered first class citizens, Chinese (who supported Apartheid with arms) were honorary second class citizens, Coloureds (mixed race) were third class citizens and black Africans had no class. It’s been 15 years, since the end of Apartheid, and the attitudes of most Afrikaaners (who were not fortunate enough to flee the country) haven’t changed towards black South Africans. So, to read about this story (link below) is a joke. I’m not saying that this could not have happened, but to leave the country under the guise of reverse racism is preposterous!


~ by adhna on September 5, 2009.

One Response to “Canada challenges SA refugee case”

  1. You have got to see District 9 and the analogy to Aparthied. When you see the movie and then think about it…..

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