Medical Marijuana

A while back I stopped reading my local Reader Magazine. If I’m not mistaken, I gave up reading the free magazine (which comes out every Thursday) because the employment section became extinct. Instead of advertising jobs, the unemployment section became a recruiter for technical colleges and medical training schools, neither of which, I had no interest in. It was depressing–for sure. I had no other choice but to leave the Reader.

Today, I found a copy of the Reader lying around the house and decided to leaf through it. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular to read. Instead, I was hoping to reconnect with an old friend. I missed the Reader. I missed their insightful columns and articles. I missed the cartoons and my favorite writers.

All seemed relatively boring until I reached the back of the magazine. To my amazement there were several pages advertising Medicinal Marijuana. There, I spotted nearly twenty ads, spanning more than 4 pages for medicinal marijuana. Other than the graphics most of them all read and offered the same delights;

– Free Limited Membership
– Free Delivery
– Free Private Parking
– Best Medicine and Pricing
– Handicap Accessible
– Member Benefits

Others offered a free gift for new patients (with coupon), free joints on Thursday and Sunday (for all patients with donation), free double-strength edible, goo balls, peanut butter cup brownies, lemon bars, and much more . If one is willing to start their own business, there is the Five Points Academy–a medical marijuana training center. Upon enrollment, each student is required to complete the following courses in order to receive their pot degree:

C102 Your Rights 420 Law
C104 Dispensary Start Up
C106 Optimal Indoor Grow Class
C108 Advanced Grow

When did California make it okay to sell pot so freely? And who are these doctors that approve your medicinal marijuana card without so much as checking your pulse? After a quick jog around the internet block, my questions were answered. As long as you have eighty nine bucks in your pocket and you are willing to part with it, some quack will have you believing that you are a anorexic, insomniac suffering from migraines, AIDS, epilepsy, depression, nausea, glaucoma, muscle spasms, MS, and the big “C”. How’s that for a curbside diagnosis?

Reader, I’m glad we spent some quality time together today. I look forward to picking you up on Thursday. How ‘bout we meet at the 711 Market on Garnet Avenue, say…around 2-ish?

(To read more about Medicinal Marijuana go to :


~ by adhna on September 7, 2009.

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