Blurt Alert! To Brand or not to Brand

Rise and shine, waking up on my Numbers Bed mattress to begin the start of a fresh new day. Since I need no alarm to wake up before the rising sun, I take ten minutes in the dark to mentally run through my daily routine. And without my brands, I am lost. Therefore, my list to live by daily.

First move…feet off the bed, onto the floor and into my Uggs. I don’t pre-set my coffee maker the night before to arise to the smell of peculated coffee in the morning. Nope! I have a routine. I make it when I walk in the kitchen. The short walk gets me thinking about the day’s tasks. (i.e; Max’s rare mid-night pee pees in the kitchen). But, no worries I have a product (C.L.R.) for Max’ midnight emergencies (that are rare).

On we go, to making a fresh pot of Folgers coffee. Yes, Folger’s! No Starbucks brand in this bungalow. For more caffeine, I’ll partake in Lipton tea. After all, “feel good, look good and get more out of life”. Well, I at least, try to. After collecting the morning newspaper (San Diego Union Tribune), outside the door. I, then, prepare my favorite Eggo’s; nutritional waffles, while making sure to wash it down with my favorite glass of apple juice. Once, I catch on the latebreaking news on FOX5 News. It’s time to hit the show and get dressed for the day. A pair of Levi’s and a white, Haine’s V-neck t-shirt are laid out on my bed and ready to be adorned once out the shower. As I check my trusted Ironman watch, it’s time to make calls on the ol’ Blackberry; confirm my to-do list for the day. An alert on the BB reminds me to get gas, at the cheapest place in town; Shell Gas Station (Hillcrest). Another alert tells me I need an oil change for my Ford Taurus Sedan. While I wait for auto services, I walk 2 blocks down the street in my GoodFeet walking shoes (the best shoes for arch support) to indulge myself with a cup of coffee. Sorry, folks, not Starbucks. But the Colombian smell of fresh grinned roasted beans from all places, McDonalds.

After my second cup of coffee, it’s time to Discover the possibilities of my credit card. I use it for airplane mileage rewards and other perks.  As usual, there’s always a few things here and there that are constantly needed around the homestead. Next stop, Von’s for groceries. The bi-weekly list includes, Pedigree for the pooch, Jif (peanut butter); the household is big on PB&J. Tide (laundry detergent) and Snuggles (fabric softener). Simply Apple, (apple juice) with my nutri-grain Eggo waffles and Honey Bunches of Oats (cereal), Dove and Mabelline, for skin moisturizer in the shower. Vitamins and nutrients, and preventive supplements; CholesOff (for cholesterol), Aleeve (asprin) for the occasional aches and pains, and, last and not least, Cottenelle (for you know what!)

One stop left before heading home. At the local D.I.Y., to get a few things for the house. I was inspired by an idea seen on Carter Oosterhouse’s show. Since, I am thinking about redesigning my living room.

A run to Home Depot, is a must to get a quote on removing and re-laying Stain-master carpet.

Before, I put the key into the door to my humble abode, I check my the mailbox! Well, it must be that time of the year;  Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstake entry form. With skepticism, I am reminded of their famous slogan, “If you don’t enter, you can’t win”. Aaahhhh! After, a day of running around, I am just in time to wind down with a cup of Dannon yogurt while channel surfing; all the while, thinking what to prepare for dinner. Ooh!! more branding!. But I will spare you the reader of more in the life of Brandolot!


~ by adhna on September 10, 2009.

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