San Diego Zoo…HAAAAAAA!

Dear San Diego Zoo,

I want to thank you for the interview!  However, I would like to address your assumptions of who you think I am. And more importantly, who you think I appear to be. Matt “the so-called know it it all”, and Casandra (use your money wisely and stop with the fake California tan and fake boobs). It doesn’t work for you!

First and fore-most, my application for a bus operator came with circumstances.  I was shuffled in back door and heard slang-talking from slackers at the front door. I waited made me wait for my appointment (very professional). When I was ushered into this interview (which was a joke!!) I was tag-teamed by multiple people with sillyquestions. The standard questions were how many drugs do you do? And how often?, etc.

Now the questions:

Ques:01: What are the five features of a mammal?

Ques:02: Pick any animal and tell me what they do? (easy.. a Dingo will strip your clothes off before it eats you alive…next!!)

Ques:03: Here’s a ruler! Describe it! (Inches and centimeters)

Ques:04: Do you do drugs? (Assuming because I am cladded in dreads for my heritage)Yeah… Aleve…(leave me alone!!)

Ques:05: Is this job going to be your survival? (I’m already trying survive in this economy)

Ques:06: What does the word “ADAPTIVE” mean to you without using the word “ADAPT”? (Are you kiddin’ me?)

Ques:07: Do you plan on going anywhere outside of San Diego in the next year? (Maybe, Maybe not.)

Ques:08:What do you think about the new zoos openings in America? will they be aware environmentally! (excuse me….I’m just looking for a job!)

Ques:09: Can you lift more than 50 lbs?

O.k., we’ll contact you in the next three weeks, don’t call us. Needless to say I never got the call.

P.S. Everything in parenthesis were my thoughts and not my actual responses.


~ by adhna on September 15, 2009.

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