Alvarado Riddle (Part Two)

“Arteries, veins, and, capillaries.
For autos, rain, and, catenaries.
All three lines are side by side.

Above, below, and, stratified.
None is numbered less than nine.
Another was there at the dawn of time.

The last will be here after a wait.
Or, right away if you’re not too late.

Look around to solve this riddle.
Name all three, top, bottom and middle.

If bewildered, feel the handrail.
The answer there is writ in Braille.”

Above, is the Alvarado Riddle. Mr. Pincus, finally, returned my phone call (see Alvarado Riddle–Part One) and left a message.

At this point, we are playing phone tag. Work has consumed my time. So, I apologize for not writing sooner. My top sleuth team (Hedsta and Steve) seems to think that the overlying theme is “Life”. (Which would make sense—as the riddle is etched in stone at the Alvarado Medical Center Station.) However, I still want to know what is written in Braille.

To help solve this riddle, please read the above and invite your friends to work on the answer. Feel free to leave your comments here. Meanwhile, I’m off to call Mr. Pincus. Remember, patience really is a virtue.

To be continued…

-H. James


~ by adhna on September 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “Alvarado Riddle (Part Two)”

  1. My friends and I work on the riddle while we are on our way to SDSU for school. We’ve been trying to figure it out for over a year now. For some reason we thought the riddle said “one is less than nine” and we guessed that that would be Interstate 8. The one that is either right away or after a wait we think is the trolley. We’ve been stuck on the one that has been there since the dawn of time but I think that one is the river near the trolley.
    Arteries for autos = a freeway
    veins for rain = a river (at least it should)
    and catenaries are the cables of the trolley
    So this seems to make sense but we really want to know if this is the right answer.

    If you have figured out the riddle, please let me know!

  2. We want an answer

  3. Kristynn you are essentially correct, but according to the braille, for the water you must cite the specific tributary flowing by.

  4. YOU ARE CORRECT KRISTYNN! Catenary (the curve theoretically assumed by a perfectly flexible and inextensible cord of uniform density and cross section hanging freely from two fixed points) is the common term for the overhead wire. The “one is numbered less than nine” = Interstate 8. The “another was there at the dawn of time” is the river bed. The “last will be here after a wait, or right away if you’re not too late” is of course, the trolley.

  5. i got bored awhile ago and i decided to learn to read braille and (i just read it today) the answer on the rail is “Interstate 8 San Diego Trolley Alvarado Creek” so yes you were right

    • Cool! Glad you stopped by Adhna and Alverado Station. One of the best trolley stops in my opinion.
      I think I should get back to writing on Adhna soon.

    • I finally took picture today and tried to translate. I guess the first dot doesn’t count. Thanks for the answer

  6. If I had a penny for every time I came to! Great read!

  7. Hah I am literally the first comment to your awesome article!?

  8. Where is the Braille?

    • Tasha, the braille is mounted on a steel plaque on the station’s platform wall; next to the handicap sign.

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