Alvarado Riddle Answer (Part Three)

Firstly, thank you all for your interest. You made figuring out this riddle fun. When, I first discovered it I was intrigued by it. My job requires me to ride through the Alvarado station if not daily, then weekly.

That particular day remains vivid in my mind. It was 105 degrees at the station and as soon as I stepped off the air conditioned trolley, it felt as though I fell into a well heated clothes dryer. As I stood on the platform, I wiped my neck, face and brow profusely. As I looked up at the blazing sun, I saw the riddle.

When reading the riddle at the station the answer really is right in front of your eyes, above your head, below your feet and at your fingertips. The words were all too obvious to the seeing eye. The Braille wasn’t. Perhaps, that is why I found the Braille part of the riddle the most intriguing.

The lone word blocks describe the many things you’ll see along the train tracks that lead to Alvarado Medical Center/Alvarado Station. The other blocks describe the passengers who are waiting.

The Braille simply reads: You Are At Alvarado Station.

In hindsight, I think I was expecting a little more drama and excitement. Something more “meaty”. Something more along the lines of “The Da Vinci code”. Still, it is a cute way to pass the time while waiting for the “Big Red”. For this, I give the artist “kudos”.

To: Rex Regis, Krystnn, Sarah, and Craig, thanks for your patience and playing along. Hope this brings you closure. It has certainly brought closure to me and maybe all of those who read this blog.

-H. James


~ by adhna on October 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Alvarado Riddle Answer (Part Three)”

  1. interesting

  2. I’ve been seeing it for years (and most recently last Monday on a trolley ride).True, I was also expecting a bit more of a revelation (like the Denver Airport Mysteries LOL) but they did do a good job. And thanks to you and your team, I can now sleep again!

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