Who Decides?

Who determines when New is Old and Old is New?

The other day my friend mentioned that he’s been getting up at 6 am rather than his normal 7 am. I commented that this recent change could be due to the Daylight Savings Time. He then said something that I found rather profound. “I guess 6 am is my new 7am.” We laughed and carried on about our individual day. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. And, thus, this entry.

According to my friend…If one were to venture forward, the new 6am would eventually become the old 7am. However, the old 7am would become the new 6am in six months time. Correct?

Again, I ask..Who determines what’s old and what’s new?

Pundants and critics alike will tell you that the new 40’s is the old 50’s–according to “Cougars” standards. What committee determines how long the old has to sit out before it becomes new again and vice-versa? Is the new White the old Black? Is Burberry the new Plaid while the old Check pattern is the new Stripes?

On a slow news day I guess this rhetoric can be entertaining.  However, how long will it take for society to determine when people are considered old and new. Has this already begun? Is Obama the new Clinton? Tiger Woods the old John Edwards? The list goes on…

-H. James


~ by adhna on December 14, 2009.

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