Oklahoma Abortion Information Law

In March 2010, the details of the Oklahoma Abortion Information Law, will be available to the public via the internet. Included in this new law, is a questionnaire that is required by all women in the state who seek to have an abortion. Thirty-seven probing questions will then be disclosed to their doctor. Questions, such as name, age, race, and marital status, will not be public information. However, answers to questions such as, “Why the reason for the abortion?”, “Is this abortion for convenience?”, “Is this abortion for a life change?”, etc., will be public accessible. And if a women answers well on the questionnaire, then and only then will she be granted an abortion.

I, for one, think this is such bullsh#t! So much so, it’s laughable. Why should a women have to answer a questionnaire to be granted an abortion? It’s no one’s business, but her own. What the hell were these lawmakers smoking when they passed this; firstly, as a bill and secondly, as a law? This law is abusive and absurd to say the least. Women who consider abortion is problematic as it is. This ridiculous law, compounds it even more. Another questions on this acid-nine questionnaire, has the audacity to ask, “If you have this abortion, what do you plan to do with your life?”. WTF! Hey! Lawmakers, you don’t care about women when they are not pregnant? And since you’re so concern about a woman’s uterus, what happens when a 14-year old girl is molested by her father? or when a woman is raped? or, a fetus grows in the fallopian tube. What then? Is there a different questionnaire for victims and unfortunates who seek an abortion?

This is just another lame-ass tactic to discourage unwanted pregnancies by the state and to strip pregnant women of their dignity. This law is abusive and just another creative way to spend a quarter of a million dollars of  Oklahoma tax-payers’ money…  and they say “everything in Oklahoma is O.K,”. Yeah, right!


~ by adhna on December 18, 2009.

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