Grateful, I Am!

Ok. It’s time to be grateful for what I have and instead of what I don’t have. I, normally call relatives and love ones on Christmas. My special day to catch up! And the results were mixed and salted with anger. Not because of me. Economy!

I, personally, am blessed with the company I keep. And the friend I speak of. I am blessed with good health (Thank god) and blessed with a twin sister who is joined by the hip! I am grateful for my husband who provides a roof over all our heads. I am grateful to have a open dialog with my first cousin who is a fire chief back in Boston. His phone is always available to us and me. He is wise, intelligent, and has the ware-with-all to know right from wrong! He’s a sharp dude. I would love to be like him!

I am grateful for the perfect weather, for the food on my plate, and money in my pocket to give to the those who have not! I am grateful for the strength to get through bullsh*t I see in my life every day and for the blessings I recognized at the end of the day.

I am grateful for MAX (a Bichon-Frise) a dog, who gives me morning kisses every day. He loves his walks and he is grateful to have us. And we are grateful to have him. He’s my “Booooo” and knows when to “bounce”!!!

I am gratetful for knowledge, understanding, and the purpose of life.

Love to all.. and may 2010 bring a spark of human dignity to the world.

Happy New Year’s all!


~ by adhna on December 28, 2009.

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