Welcome to Pacific Beach. San Diego, CA

1. PB…First and foremost!!! NEVER EVER !!! Rent from Coldwell Bankers. They take your rent money, never clean up their properties and they just don’t give a fuck about you!!!

2. PB…Do not befriend a homeless person; they’ll hound you to take a shower in your apartment. Stink up your apartment and soil your couch!!!

3. PB…Do not move to P.B. if you are not between the ages of 22 – 27 years old. They are so-called student and military people who need “medicinal marijuana” to destress from non-active duty!!!!

4. PB…Don’t cross Garnet Ave, unless you want a ticket to the promise land!!!

5. PB…Never drink the water here. It ‘s nasty and smells like rotten eggs!!!

6. PB… is the D.U.I. capital of the world!!!

7. PB…Never ever walk your dog and forget to pick up the poop, cuz the cops are lamping instead of doing their real job. But you can litter the streets with beer cans and cigarette butts!!!

8. PB…Land of a thousand bars and ten-thousand drunks!!!

9. PB…Be prepared to have bums wake you up at 4AM,  dumpster diving for bottles and cans!!!

10. PB…Appreciate the beaches that you can never have fun on!!!

11. PB…Never take the local transportation or work for them (MTS). They will set you up for failure!!!

12. PB…Always appreciate the palm trees and the weather!!!

13. PB…Squash all water beetles that invade your home!!!

14. PB… Where the speed limit exceed a Padre Pitcher fastball!!!

15. PB… Where the panhandlers are qualified sales people!!!

16. PB… Home of the oldest wooden roller-coaster, and if it doesn’t give you a nose bleed, it will certainly give you a heart-attack!!!!

17. And last but not least, always say your prayers just  in case you are run over by a drunk driver!!!


~ by adhna on June 14, 2010.

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