Social Media: The Perfect Life for a Bum

Social medium makes us dumb. So blinded by the “norm” it makes us numb.

I’d prefer to hold your hand, than to be “poked” in cyberland.

Do not “text” me, ’cause you choose not to speak. is this the way YOU want to be reached?

Cyber illusions are what we make. why not bless what God creates?

Do not “Facebook” me. I choose to be faceless. that bullshit is for the selfishness..not for the selfless.

Do not “Tag Me”, this is absurd. What happened to the moment? was our time fleeting and our words gone unheard?

The Harmonies and Matches dot coms, pride themselves on fining one love. quite frankly, you’ve all been conned.

It is too easy to live in the haze of communication craze… take a break from your lazy ways.

Retract, reflect, and also remember how the word was spread back in the days… go back to “old school”… you’ll be amazed.

Gone are the days of meeting and greeting. We Sit behind technology lying and cheating.

We should not discount a physical call. that’s what it takes.. that is all.

Instead we hide behind masks reassuring tacky passion; thinking we’ve conquered technology in true fashion..

In parting, I would like say…God bless a society of sub-humans. God bless our shallow ways!


~ by adhna on August 16, 2010.

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