And not One Word was Mentioned on the Local News!

On August 27, 2010, this is what I stumbled upon when I walked out my hotel door on my way to breakfast. Not one siren was ever “rolled”, in great effort not to alarm the hotel guest.  But most were, anyway.

Three-quarters of the hotel’s quest (excluding my side of the hotel) were eventually evacuated and relocated to other Quality Inns. as federal and state agents huddled in an intense discussion. Speculation had much to do with terrorism. How did I know? because their was a two-way radio left on a ledge outside my door.

After, almost 7 hours of pandemonium, terrorism was ruled out and a counterfeit ring was exposed. And as quite as over a dozen Lexington fire trucks, 2 bio-hazard trucks, half a dozen of ambulances, a few military men and their sniffing canines, and unmarked cars rolled out the way they arrived. Quite… as if nothing had happened.

And not one word was mentioned on the local  news or networks.


~ by adhna on August 30, 2010.

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