Perception is Reality

At age 20, my twin sister and I moved to Hollywood, CA, to become filmmakers, but before getting our feet wet in the proverbial “Industry” , we needed day jobs. At first we waited on tables. Then we found something more lucrative and more fun—advertising and post-production work. The latter is what I spent 5 years doing. I had the privilege of learning all aspects of the Industry environment. As I moved up the production ladder, I started working on bigger budget films and with well-known actors, I had admired all my life.

Being in such company, I felt as though I was on the same level as them.  And became to some; a confidant. Then, there were other actors, I once admired, were jaw-dropping, arrogant, egotistical, drug-induced, needy, and self-centered ‘prim-a-donas’. And during the experience, the star factor of these people never made me feel inferior. I never was and never will be awe-inspired by people who names happen to be more well-known than my own.

Matter of fact, I made it a practice to never ask anyone for their autographs; except for one; Nicolas Cage. All along, I never felt as though they were any better than me. Better yet, the actors that I kept my distance from, were really fucked up mentally and physically, but on the big screen; portrayed as squeaky clean.

Years later when I started directing 16 mm films and music videos, I was surprised to discover that the psychological barriers people face and also, the thought process and mind set, when pitching movie and video ideas is something fascinating. It sent me back to the basics: the first year of film school; to think about not only the process and scripts but the ability to capture and convince producers and studio “execs” of a story-line. My belief system at the time was simply; artists are superior in every respect.

With this attitude, it got me thinking…What is it that we perceive? What is the relationship among things-in-themselves, our sensation of them, and our understanding? Is understanding nothing more than the ideas generated by our sensations? We all create the world around us by our thoughts and beliefs, and our perceptions of events (and of ourselves) determine how we experience life.  If we believe that life is gloomy, then we will perceive gloom in events and by that perception we have drawn gloom into our lives and gloom is what we then ‘experience’. That goes without saying, “a hostile person lives in a hostile world; a loving person lives in a loving world.”

We only need to look at a situation from a different angle, or from another point of view, (or see the ‘bigger’ picture), and that can totally change our experience of life and its myriad of events. The thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself directly impact your ability to perform and be successful. While it is not necessary to believe yourself to be superior, as once upon a time I did, it is imperative that you see yourself and your prospects as peers and equals. If you do not, it is time to change your thought patterns. Instead of thinking about how important you are, think about all of the ways that you can be of service to others. Think about how you can help. Think about the benefits that you bring. Start to see yourself as an equal with something of value to offer.

And with that said… I will close with one of my favorite quotes:

Life is the movie you see
through your own unique eyes.
It makes little difference
what’s happening out there.
It’s how you take it
that counts.

~ Dr Dennis Waitley


~ by adhna on September 27, 2010.

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  1. The site is very informative. Good share by the way.

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