To Howard: your passion for knowledge, your yearning for travel, appreciation for fine cigars (when you could afford one; which wasn’t often ;)), and a rich cup of “joe”.  A sometimes candid smile, and a well deserved belly laugh. Your ambition to learn Capoeira, and not laugh at us when we struggled to pronounce the word let alone attempt to practice the art.

You remind me of the finest leather known to man. (even smelled of it at times) The way you made writing  your PhD, so easy and like a breeze…”just remember to meet with your advisers and show them something… even if it’s the first sentence of your thesis statement shoved in the dogeared pages of your journal logging important moments, trekking around the world… “Damn it! (with a laugh)… show them something so you can continue getting funded to complete your life’s work!”… You would preach with a snicker.

I was shaken by the news I, received in the wee hours of this morning. How the hell did 15 years go by without keeping in touch? And why wasn’t my sister and I told of your condition? No answers should be sought now… only soft spoken prayers should be murmured with the assurance that you are at peace now. You will be missed my friend. R.I.P.


~ by adhna on November 3, 2010.

One Response to “HOW.AR.D R.I.P!”

  1. Hedy, I never knew Howard, but if he earned your respect, he definitively has earned mine as well. I do hope he is at peace, and I do hope that both yourself and Holly can find a way to carry on his legacy, remember him in life and all that he taught you and carry it forward. Peace love and yellow.

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