Join Adhna to “Like” Michael Wainwright on Facebook

Greetings fellow Adhna readers,

Although, I do not ask much of my readers, I am writing this post as a plea to help a friend. And it is simple as “liking” a web page on Facebook:

Michael Wainwright

Michael Wainwright, is an acclaimed singer, who is making a name for himself very fast and respectfully so, in the music industry. He has toured with Tears for Fears in many facets. Firstly, as a replacement; singing  falsetto solos (that he quickly had to adapt to when he graciously accepted the gig, from TFF.), secondly, as back up singer and finally, as a headliner for the band on their Canadian, U.S., and European tours, in 2010.

Michael’s, music resonates a soulful sound and his musical talents are not short of a virtuoso. His atmospherically rich blends are apparent in his latest CD. (release date soon to be announced)

On completion of  his  new CD, it has already been reared as “critically acclaimed”.  And may potentially, be deemed, not only as a cornerstone in Michael’s career, but, also a “must have” for  loyal as well as new fans.

Michael, is only 71 “like(s)” away  from reaching his goal of 1,000 “likes” on Facebook.  And as a fan of his music,  I am not only extending this opportunity to show support for Michael, but to ask a favor of my readers to help him on this  journey.

Michael Wainwright, is a shining star who is moving; musically, at God speed. And I, believe that the power of my readership, here at Adhna, can help make a difference in reaching his goal. I, loyal fans, and certainly Michael, sure would appreciate the support!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and to “like” Michael Wainwright’s page.

– Hedy

P.S. The link to Michael Wainwright’s page on FB is at the top of this post and high-lighted in red.


~ by adhna on January 10, 2011.

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